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DG Websites runs and operates with a team of four individuals all working to make the web design industry more honest, fair, and at the highest standard of quality. Founded in 2016 by Devon Groff, a computer science undergraduate at The University of San Francisco and freelance web designer.

After freelancing for a little over a year, working with various designers/agencies in the industry, Devon came to find that there was no standard for the work being done — in terms of what “SEO Management” actually means, how a design process should be structured, or how much to charge a client for the work being done. This led to the creation of his own design company, focused on taking all of these shortcomings and perfecting them, bringing them to the forefront of the DG Websites style of work and design.

Ever since, the company has been striving to ensure that customers have the most pleasant experience possible, understand exactly the work being done, why it’s done, and where their money is going. We believe in creating a business that prides itself on ensuring customers pay for quality work, and not a dime more. No added fees, no technical jargon intended to make the work seem more challenging than it is, all just great websites at affordable prices.

With packages for every website type, all customizable and never template based, we believe that we can help you get the best website anywhere. Whether you’re a startup looking to find your place online, or an individual looking to share your passion with the world, we want to make your website. We thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and hope to work with you in the weeks to come.

Devon, Founder and Lead Design

Devon, Founder and Lead Design

Lily, Research + Management

Lily, Research + Management

Jack, Client Acquisition

Jack, Client Acquisition

Ryan, Graphic Design

Ryan, Graphic Design

The DG Websites Design Process


Step 1:


At the beginning of every project, clients get to share their vision, describe their business, project, or goal, and are provided with a comprehensive overview of what the project will look like, the timeline, and the cost. The amount you pay is decided during this stage, and you don’t pay until your website has been completed.


Step 2:


We work in stages per the specifications of the project, normally beginning with a wireframe of the website being created to represent the flow of the website, from their content is input into the website (photos, video, text, etc.), and you get to see on a stage-by-stage basis your website come to life in a matter of days.


Step 3:


Once your website is completed per your requests, we’ll have a wrap up conversation about your new website, show you the tools you’ll need to check analytics, sales, and any other tools in utilizing with your website. Then, your new website will go live on the internet! From there, we are always happy to help if you ever need any assistance with your website.

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